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Wedding invitation design, 2017, date stamp and ink
Wedding invitation design, 2017, date stamp and ink


I’m really pleased to announce I have added a Weddings and Occasions section of design to my portfolio. It seemed an obvious route to take considering my use of significant dates with a date stamp to build and create images.

For a few years now I have taken commissions which were destined for wedding gifts, often depicting the venue of the marriage, but in January I was asked by a lovely client to create a design for her wedding invitations (above). I jumped at the chance, because I have been wanting to try something like this for a while. Similarly to previous commissions, the client asked if I would create an illustration of the place where they will be married with their wedding date. It did require a different approach however, because my usual method is one that results in a work which is not wholly obvious how it was created. You find you must get up close to the work to see that the image is made up of numbers rather than a pencil or pen.  For this project I needed to make the date or individual numbers clearer and larger in relation to the entire design so the date really pops out at you. To create this effect I had to simplify the design, you can see this, in particular, with the circular lawn at the front of the house. A design like this doesn’t have to be restricted to just the date. It would work just as well with the initials of the couple and in fact I have included the initials of this couple as a subtle addition to the design in the bottom left corner.

I really enjoyed working on this project, it was a pleasure to be tasked with such a special commission and I hope to add lots more to this particular portfolio. If you’re interested in having a totally unique design for your wedding, christening, birthday (or any occasion!) stationery, which turns the actual date of your event into a beautiful illustration, contact me here to discuss it further. In the meantime check out my Weddings and Occasions page here for ideas.