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Coffee stain art – let’s celebrate unusual techniques

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A friend of mine sent me a link to this artist –¬†Hong Yi, who creates these incredible portraits made up of coffee cup rings, and her talents don’t stop there. Browsing through her website, she uses objects in all sorts of interesting and imaginative ways to make her art – melted candles, tea bags, sculpted books….you must check out her website to see the extent of her creativity.

With my ink stamp technique I feel akin to artists like this, who see potential creativity all around them. Let’s celebrate that vision, but also those who are brave enough to put that vision into practice, who do and make, instead of just¬†thinking about it. If you are someone who is thinking about putting coffee stain to canvas, date stamp to paper or even good old pencil to paper, whether it’s a career you regret not pursuing of a hobby you miss, in the words of Nike ‘Just do it’. Hong Yi will surely get you inspired.