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Twin Alphabet Animal Commissions

Two new commissions I was asked to do for twins. Both illustrations are made up of their date of birth, rather than ‘T’s or ‘J’s as with my Alphabet Animals series.

New commission – Micheldever Church

Micheldever Church, Hampshire, 2016, date stamp and ink on paper, 42 x 42 cm
Micheldever Church, Hampshire, 2016, date stamp and ink on paper, 42 x 42 cm

I was commissioned to do a wedding gift for a couple, who were married at Micheldever Church in Hampshire. This one was slightly different to previous commissions of this kind, because I was asked to incorporate various identifying features of what is a very unique looking church. The octagonal nave and wrought iron gate are two of these features, so I included the beautiful interior ceiling of the nave and the arch of the gate as corner flanks to my depiction of the church. I love doing these architectural pieces, and you will hopefully see more of my own self-led work on this subject…

new pet portrait

I have just finished a portrait of the beautiful dog Binks, who sadly passed away, earlier this year. Binks’ owner got in touch with me and asked if I could create a piece of work to commemorate the life of her beloved pet, so I suggested using both the date of birth and date Binks died to create the portrait, working from photographs.

If you would like to commission me to do a portrait of your pet, or are thinking about it, get in touch and I will be happy to discuss ideas and answer any of your questions. Check out more examples of my commissions here.

New double commission

Bear commission post One of two commissions for two small children of a family in Austria – a bear and camel. At 100 x 100 cm they are the biggest works on paper I’ve done and I have used a mixture of different sized stamps, as well as a linocut for the B and C. Each piece represents each child, through the letter, corresponding to their initial and the numbers, corresponding to their birthdays. These are great for brightening up a child’s bedroom, and it’s, something which will not just last their childhood, but a piece of art they can keep for the rest of their lives.

A commission celebrating 50 years of marriage

Church commission postI was asked to do a piece of work as a present for the client’s parents to celebrate their 50 years of marriage, and the subject is the church where they were married. This has been done with both the date the couple were married and the date of their 50th anniversary.
(50 x 30 cm, date stamp and ink on paper)

New portrait commission

Dominic edited small postA very thoughtful expression of 5 year old Dominic.
60 x 40 cm, date stamp and ink on paper