Q for Quokka

Quokka with Q flattened smallHere’s another!
Some of you may not know about quokkas, and this is because their primary home is a small island, off the coast of Perth, Western Australia, called Rottnest. Like their marsupial cousins, the kangaroo, they hop around on their hind legs, and their young are also called joeys. They are curious, friendly creatures and unfortunately, due to human interaction, such as feeding and sometimes cruelty, quokka numbers are decreasing, which means they have been listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

This little guy is one that I was lucky enough to meet on a day trip to the island, whilst I lived in Perth. From the photo, I’ve exchanged a big Q stamp for the food he was actually eating, and as always, the quokka is made up of smaller Q stamps.

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